Why You Should Care About Your Emotional Health

Why you should care about your emotional health

Several factors will influence people’s emotional well-being. Positive psychology will help us to look for the positive emotions in our body.

Knowing our emotional health allows us to look for those tools that help us to reach adequate self-esteem and to have a positive attitude towards life, pillars that are fundamental to maintain our mental health.


What is meant by health and sickness?

Emotional health is the ability to interact successfully with the environment, which allows the person to solve any adversity that occurs in everyday life.

Despite the difficulty of the task, an emotionally healthy person has the skills to face the problems efficiently.

For a person to be considered emotionally healthy, they must meet the following requirements:

  • The subjective feeling of psychosocial well-being. There must be a positive balance between the person’s inner and outer self, as all of this influences the person’s sense of being healthy.
  • The person’s perception of himself or herself in terms of physical, emotional, and social security and integrity. There is health if the person does not perceive that there are threats to their integrity.
  • Resistance and good mechanisms to face stress and tolerance to frustration.
  • Coherent, positive, and realistic perception of oneself, the world around them, and others.
  • The subject is adjusted to his/her psychosocial environment and is perceived as autonomous and competent. Can communicate and function correctly according to the environment in which they live.


Factors That Influence Emotional Health

Emotional health influences several factors in our health, among which we have:


Lifestyle and Habits

Carrying out healthy dietary and physical activity habits together with a good rest, are the fundamental pillars to maintain an adequate lifestyle, a guarantee to take care of our emotional well-being.


Stress Management

Everyday situations provide us with multiple possibilities of exposure to stressful situations that should be avoided before they become chronic and prolonged stress situations.

Prolonged stress can have severe repercussions for our physical health and on the quietness of emotional health, both by the person who suffers it and those around him.


The Use of Addictive Substances Such as Tobacco and Alcohol

Both toxins are a threat to our health. They are linked to stress in a pervasive way so that the appearance of addictive behaviors and the consumption of these and other toxins also end up affecting our emotional well-being and, in turn, our physical health and health status as a whole.


What Else Can it Influence?

While all this reflects that emotional health is capable of protecting the general state of health, improve the ability to recover from possible diseases, and prevent the appearance of them. Therefore, it is essential to take care of our physical and our inner self, our emotions, and the experiences linked to them.


Personal Growth

Cultivating the activation of our mind, awakening our interests and hobbies, progressing in our knowledge are good ways to enrich our personal growth.


Positive Attitude Towards Day-to-Day Life

The appearance of negative thoughts such as frustration or less favored emotions such as anger or rage diminishes the possibility of facing the adversities of everyday life with a positive attitude and a hopeful smile. At the same time, it makes it difficult for us to maintain our emotional well-being.


What is Positive Psychology?

Positive psychology is born to study those processes that occur in our body and our brain through the search for positive sensations and emotions. Therefore, an attitude that flees from pessimism is also an excellent remedy for our inner health.

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