The Ancient Healthy Yogurt

The Ancient Healthy Yogurt

The word that names the ancient healthy yogurt comes from the Turkish language and the verb yogumak, to knead, referring to its method of preparation.

For more than 4500 years, there has been evidence of cultures in connection with the elaboration of dairy products.

Yogurt is made by the bacterial fermentation of milk. Its texture and peculiar taste are given by the transformation of lactose, the milk sugar, into lactic acid.

Different bacterial strains are included in the fermentation process. They are responsible for breaking down the lactose. The function of these bacteria is to ingest lactose. After their ingestion, they release lactic acid as a by-product.

This acidity causes milk proteins to precipitate and form a clot or curd. This process allows people who are lactose intolerant to consume this valuable nutrient.

Its higher acidity prevents the proliferation of other potentially pathogenic bacteria. In the process of fermentation, the microorganisms produce B-group vitamins, which are necessary for their own metabolism. It also contains essential minerals, among which calcium stands out.

Yogurt has a pleasant texture because it is soft, creamy, and tasty. It is inexpensive, easy to use, and to the liking of both adults and children.

It provides a sensation of satiety for longer and therefore favors patients on weight loss diets.

It contains a high concentration of high-quality proteins and less sodium and carbohydrates. It is a very versatile food and can be used in the kitchen to prepare meals, both sweet and salty.

From a nutritional point of view, yogurt provides high-quality proteins, magnesium, calcium, vitamins D and K and, potentially, beneficial fatty acids found in dairy products.

Fermented foods like yogurt contain bacteria called probiotics, which are excellent for the gastrointestinal tract.

Probiotics are living non-pathogenic microorganisms. They are normally active in the gut and have positive physiological effects.

Among the beneficial effects is the fact that they boost the body’s immune system and help the intestinal flora to grow and balance properly. The bacteria contained in it, attack, block, and neutralize the toxins, purifying the body.

It decreases the values of blood cholesterol, especially in the case of skimmed yogurt. This is why it should be included in the diet of people at risk of cardiovascular disease.

As yogurt is rich in calcium, it replenishes the losses of this mineral. It is also more readily absorbed as it is dissolved in the lactic acid in the food and is easily distributed throughout the body.

It can be consumed by lactose-intolerant people because the sugar contained in milk doesn’t has this carbohydrate, already digested by its bacteria.

It also contributes to the good growth and balance of the normal intestinal flora, favoring the absorption of the minerals in the diet.

Regular consumers of probiotic foods such as yogurt show a reduction in their blood pressure figures, compared to those who do not usually eat yogurt.

It is healthy to include yogurt as part of a healthy diet as it has been shown to have a preventive effect on type 2 diabetes mellitus. They help control glycemia and reduce insulin resistance, a key factor in diabetes.

When refrigerated, the shelf life of yogurt is a maximum of three weeks from the date of manufacture. Although pasteurized or long-life yogurt is already available as it can be stored for several months without refrigeration.

Yogurt is an ally for female beauty, especially for hair.

Regular consumption of probiotics should be part of a healthy lifestyle.


Delicious Yogurt Recipes

Yogurt Pancakes 


1 egg
1/2 cup yogurt, preferably skimmed
3/4 cup of skimmed milk
1 tablespoon of virgin olive oil
3 tablespoons of honey
1/3 pound of whole wheat flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
A pinch of salt


  1. Beat the egg and then add the skimmed milk, oil, yogurt, honey, and mix well.
  2. In another bowl, mix the salt and flour.
  3. Add the yogurt mixture to the dry ingredients until well incorporated.
  4. Pour a ladle of the mixture to make each pancake using a slightly greased non-stick pan.
  5. Cook each side for two minutes over medium heat or until the surface is golden brown.
  6. Add your favorite fruits in small pieces and enjoy.


Cucumber and Carrot Sticks with Special Yogurt Sauce

A healthy dish that’s not fattening.


1 medium-sized cucumber
2 medium-size carrots
2 cups of yogurt, preferably skimmed
1 1/2 tablespoons of tomato puree
1 tablespoon of mustard
2 tablespoons of virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Cut the cucumber and carrot into sticks of the desired size and place them in ice water for a few minutes.
  2. In bowl, add the rest of the ingredients and mix them well with a spoon to make the sauce.
  3. Season the sauce with salt and pepper to your liking.
  4. Pour the sauce in a bowl. dip the carrot and cucumber sticks, and ready to eat.


Yogurt with Mango

A recipe for losing weight.


2 medium ripe mangoes cut into pieces
2 tablespoons powdered skim milk
2 cups of natural yogurt
Sweetener to taste
4 mint leaves


  1. Cut the mangoes into pieces, reserving a few for decoration.
  2. Add the skimmed milk powder and yogurt.
  3. Beat until everything is well mixed, and the mango has dissolved completely.
  4. Serve in 4 glasses and refrigerate for at least one hour.
  5. To serve, place several mango bits and a mint leaf on top.

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