How to Remove Eyelash Glue from Clothes

How to Remove Eyelash Glue from Clothes

The first time you try to put on a pair of false eyelashes may be the most difficult. To begin, shop for a pair of false eyelashes that work well with your eye shape and size. The second step in applying false eyelashes is finding an appropriate glue.

You’re all set to show off your gorgeous new lash style once you’ve gotten your hands on some false eyelashes and lash glue. But what do you do if you spill eyelash glue on your shirt? Eyelash glue can be challenging to remove from fabric so you may have researched this.


Methods for Cleaning Clothing Stained by Eyelash Glue

Have you ever gotten eyelash glue on your clothes by accident? There are still options to salvage your beloved clothing.

The good news is that there are a number of techniques for getting eyelash glue out of fabric. If you’ve ever wondered how to get eyelash glue off of garments, your search ends here.

Let’s have a look at the top 10 methods for eradicating eyelash glue from any material:

1. Get Rid of it Using Water and Soap

Water and soap work effectively to remove the stain left by eyelash glue. However, this strategy will only be successful if the adhesive on your clothes is still wet.

Water should be applied to the area first. Working in circular motions, scrub the soap into the afflicted region to remove the adhesive. Please wash and dry your shirt thereafter.

If the adhesive hardens on your clothes, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Crusty glue stains may require more than just water and washing to remove.

2. Use a Product to Remove Glue

Some glue mishaps can be cleaned with water and detergent, but dried, crusty glue messes require more attention. Adhesive removers are useful for removing many types of glue that have gotten on clothing. Eyelash adhesive can be removed from various materials with this method.

Popular glue removers include the widely available Goo Gone. Before using this, please refer to the label on the bottle for specific instructions.

For this procedure to work, you’ll need to apply a heavy adhesive remover to the stained area. Applying gentle pressure, massage the area until the adhesive for your eyelashes releases. You can go home and change into clean clothing afterward. It should come out of the washing machine looking as good as new as if the stain had never been there.

3. Use White Distilled Vinegar

Looking for a quick solution but don’t have any adhesive remover? Get some vinegar from the kitchen and get to work. Vinegar is extremely useful to us. It is versatile enough to be used on windows, carpet stains, bricks, and flooring. Vinegar has additional uses, including food preservation, wound healing, and infection prevention.

Distilled white vinegar works great for removing lash glue from clothing. As a result, the stain left by the eyelash glue is quickly removed.

4. Use Acetone

Acetone, a cheap and versatile tool, can dissolve many different chemicals. Did you know that acetone may also be used to get eyelash adhesive out of clothing?

Drying garments is a prerequisite for removing eyelash glue from them. Avoid wiping it off because you risk working the glue deeper into the cloth strands.

Apply acetone with a cotton swab dipped in acetone to the dry region. You should use a new cotton swab if the glue has dried up. Dab at the stains until you’ve removed them completely. If you give it a few minutes, the eyelash adhesive should start to break down.

5. Use Olive Oil

Olive oil can be a low-cost alternative to laundry detergent when removing eyelash glue from fabric. As a bonus, olive oil can remove stubborn makeup stains from clothing.

Get up and get the bottle of olive oil out of the kitchen cabinet. The stain can be treated with a dab of olive oil. Keep in mind that too much oil can cause problems.

At this point, you can start wiping away the glue. It can now be washed in the washing machine alongside the rest of the laundry.

6. Use a Fabric Softener to Get the Glue off your Eyelashes

The next time you accidentally get eyelash glue on your clothes, instead of just tossing them in the wash, consider using fabric softener to get the stain out. Using this method, you may quickly and easily remove eyelash glue from the fabric.

Fabric softener fluid and water should be combined in a spray bottle at a 1:1 ratio to perform this approach. The stained area can be sprayed with the solution. Be thorough and cover every inch of the fabric to avoid missing any potential stains. In order to accomplish this, you can use a sponge. Remove the solution by rinsing it off after 15 minutes.

7. Put Ice on the Spot that Hurts

Glues used to attach your eyelashes can also be dissolved with ice. Since it is generally accepted that freezing can cause damage to the binders and adhesive ingredients used in most glues, this makes sense.

The catch is that speed is of the essence if you want this strategy to work. Make sure the eyelash adhesive has not dried entirely. The next step is to apply ice to the ruined region of clothing. The glue can be more easily removed if you put it in an ice bath.

8. Rub Alcohol on Your Skin

Nearly every stain can be scrubbed out with a bit of rubbing alcohol. However, rubbing alcohol has bleaching properties, so you must exercise extreme caution if you choose to use it to remove eyelash adhesive from clothing.

Apply it by dabbing it on the stained area with an alcohol-soaked cotton ball or swab. Keep going until everything is covered. The eyelash glue will be washed out once some time has passed.

9. Use a Damp Cloth to Clean the Area

A simple method for eradicating eyelash glue from clothing is to wipe the affected area with a moist towel. The stains can be removed entirely by rubbing the affected area with a moist cloth.

To speed up the removal of lash glue stains, you can also use fabric softener or soap on your moist towel. Even better is to use water that is only a little warmer than room temperature.

10. Buy a Glue Remover for Your Eyelashes

If you’re planning a trip to the drugstore, you should pick up some eyelash glue remover while you’re there. You may be confident that all traces of eyelash glue will be dissolved with this product because it was developed for that purpose.

In addition to removing eyelash adhesive, facial makeup removers can be utilized with no risk to your skin. Some packages of fake eyelashes even include an adhesive remover. You won’t have to worry about unsightly stains ruining your day anymore.


Final Thoughts

You can save your favorite shirt from the trash heap because there are several methods for removing eyelash glue from fabric. These methods are simple to implement and yield excellent outcomes if you stick to them.

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