Do Perms Cause Hair Loss?

Do Perms Cause Hair Loss?

Some people may experience hair loss following a perm, despite the fact that the vast majority who get perms won’t experience hair loss if the procedure is performed by a professional and the hair is healthy beforehand.

Suppose your hair is already weak or damaged due to bleaching, hair coloring, heat styling, or other treatments, including previous perms. In that case, you may experience additional hair loss or weakening after getting a perm.

If you don’t go to a professional or try to do it yourself at home, your perm is more likely not to be done correctly, and you may end up with even worse results.

‍Perming your hair incorrectly or using too much perm solution can harm your hair and scalp, leading to thinning, balding, or even hair loss.


How Might a Perm Hurt Your Hair in Two Ways

‍A perm can harm or even lead to hair loss in two ways. These issues are uncommon when a professional perm is performed on healthy hair, but they can arise if performed incorrectly or on damaged hair.


Damage from Chemicals on the Scalp

Hair perming chemicals are extremely alkaline and, if not applied with care, can cause severe burns to the scalp. When the skin around the hair follicles is injured, the hair follicles may either shed their hair or become permanently scarred, stopping further hair production.


Hair that is Dry and Breaks Easily

Over-processed hair from bleaching or perming can be just as dry as the hair of someone who has never had either of those treatments done. The hair can become brittle enough to break, resulting in hair loss, but it is not permanent and may not seem like complete strand loss. Hair that has been previously treated (such by bleaching, dying, or being often styled with high heat) may be more susceptible to the drying effects of these treatments.


Advice on How to Lessen the Chances of Hair Breakage and Loss During the Perming Process

If you’re interested in trying curls for the first time but are concerned about hurting or losing your hair, there are less invasive ways to get a perm.

Remember that before doing anything else, you should seek expert perm services. Homemade hair perm kits can be difficult to apply without the assistance of a professional and may cause more damage to the hair than is necessary. A skilled stylist will also make sure to use only hair care products suitable for your hair type.

A hairstylist may also look at your hair and tell you whether a perm would cause it to break or fall out. If they say your hair isn’t ready for a perm quite yet, it’s best to wait.

Care carefully after receiving a perm by using heat-protective style equipment, shampoos, and conditioners made for processed or curly hair.


Strut Health’s Online Hair Loss Treatments

If you have a perm and are experiencing hair loss, it may not be related to your hairstyle. The most prevalent hereditary cause of hair thinning is androgenetic alopecia, often known as male and female pattern hair loss.

Specialists in the field of hair care are trained to discern between hair loss due to treatments, hair loss due to genetics, and other potential reasons.

‍Here at Strut, we offer therapies to prevent hereditary hair loss and possibly stop its progression. We use topical and oral medications, including Finasteride, Dutasteride, Minoxidil, and Spironolactone, in an effort to help you recover control of your hair loss.

Many of our formulas are versatile enough to accommodate multiple active ingredients. Our options are neutral and can be enjoyed by people of both sexes.

Our U.S.-licensed experts and a brief online questionnaire can tell you in about 15 minutes if the Strut hair loss therapies are suited for you. If you qualify, we will gladly deliver your prescription drugs to your door at no extra charge.


What to Do with Your Hair after Getting a Perm?

Use a shampoo and conditioner made for colored hair. Hair that is dry, damaged, or frizzy will have an easier time with these. Any items suggested by your stylist are available for purchase as well. Even if they are pricey, they are necessary for the health of your hair and the protection it provides.

Try some organic oil. It’s feathery so that it won’t squash your curls. In addition to supplying essential nutrients, the oil also shields your hair from oxidative damage.

Put on a heat shield. Use a blow dryer or other hair styling tools. Protect your hair from heat by using a thermal protectant. Keep all heating tools below 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

For curly hair, you should use products specifically designed for that texture. The definition can be added to your curls using the same products ladies with naturally curly hair use. These items will help maintain your hair’s natural moisture, shield it from environmental damage, and give it volume and shine.

Use a comb with large teeth. When you have curls, they’re prone to knotting up. To detangle your hair, gently part the strands using your fingers or a comb with wide teeth.


Final Words

Perming the hair is a beautiful method of achieving both textured hair and increased volume. To achieve different types of curls, a chemical process is used. If you take good care of your new curls, they can last for months. However, exercise caution as you move forward.

There may be unintended consequences from using chemicals. Damage and breakage can be prevented by avoiding perming on previously bleached, colored, or dry hair. Before deciding to perm or chemically treat your hair, it is always a good idea to get an expert opinion and evaluate the current state of your locks.

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