Benefits and Properties of Nutritional Yeast

Benefits and Properties of Nutritional Yeast

So-called superfoods include nutritional yeast, which is used as a food supplement, and which in the right doses, it is very beneficial to health.

The main peculiarity of nutritional yeast compared to other superfoods is its taste, which reminds us of nuts, with a slight aroma of cured cheese. This makes it particularly attractive to regular consumers of brewer’s yeast, as it is much more bitter.

What is Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional yeast is a strain of the so-called Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, a fungus that feeds on sugar, so it is obtained from the fermentation of cane and beet molasses.

It is often confused with brewer’s yeast since both have similar properties and are obtained similarly. However, we should not be mistaken since they are different products and their uses are not the same.

The main difference is that nutritional yeast is inactive. In other words, it cannot be used, unlike other yeasts, to ferment. So remember: if you want to make bread, this is not your ingredient.

Nutritional yeast is a product that is generally designed as a dietary supplement and a flavor enhancer.

Advantages of Nutritional Yeast

Like any other superfood, nutritional yeast contains a high number of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins:

It is rich in minerals such as copper and zinc, which help strengthen bones and stimulate defenses.

It also contains iron and magnesium, which are excellent for helping to prevent fatigue, and contribute to reducing fatigue.

Folic acid is essential for muscle development. It is especially indicated for people over 50 years old and for pregnant women since its role is necessary to prevent fetal problems and for the rapid cellular growth of the placenta.

Another significant contribution is the B group vitamins, which help produce red cells and myelin. These elements are added later, during the process of creating nutritional yeast. You can check on the product labels whether these vitamins are part of the ingredients or not.

It contains a high amount of fiber, which is very beneficial for regulating the digestive system. Its consumption also contributes to keeping the intestinal tract clean and is very useful to avoid constipation.

It is an excellent source of non-animal protein, as it comes from a fungus, which makes it especially valuable in vegan diets. Besides, it contains nine essential amino acids, which are usually scarce in this type of menu, since they are generally found in animal products.

This yeast is a low-fat product, so it eliminates part of the caloric intake by replacing it with other foods. Therefore, it is ideal for people who are on a low-calorie diet.

Uses of Nutritional Yeast

People who follow a vegan diet have made this yeast an indispensable complement to their diet.

Its characteristic taste, which is reminiscent of a mixture of nuts, especially walnuts, offers a slight feeling of cured cheese and makes it ideal for different seasoning dishes. It provides them with many nutrients that otherwise could only be obtained through animal products. Thus, some types of vegan cheese are made with this yeast.

It is mainly used to thicken sauces, since, in addition to the flavor it provides, its flake shape and texture makes this yeast an excellent element to blend the ingredients.

As a condiment for pasta or pizzas, or even to add to scrambled eggs.

For fat-free seasoning popcorn. Gives popcorn a different touch, without adding fat as you would when using butter. Also, no more salt needs to be added.

Substitute for grated cheese. Due to its cured cheese flavor, you can use it in any dish in which you would typically use it. It will give you a very similar taste, without adding the fat or calories of the cheese.

As an excellent flavor enhancer. This yeast enhances the flavors of the dish, naturally and healthily for our health, without additives.

When using nutritional yeast for cooking, keep in mind that it should not be heated above 150 °F, as it could lose dietary values.

Finally, it would be best if you considered that, as with all other superfoods, the recommended daily dose should be monitored.

It is advisable not to consume more than one spoonful a day. This amount is sufficient to experience its benefits.

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